Staying Connected to your Customers

Today in New Zealand it’s Waitangi Day.  This public holiday marks the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.  Special commemorations are happening at Waitangi – our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has even received gifts for her baby!  Many New Zealanders, aside from acknowledging the history of our nation, are thankful that we have an extra day off, and in the middle of the week too.

Where are you today while you’re reading this blog post?  The weather is sunny and clear throughout the country.  Many people will be at the beach, perhaps tramping in the bush, or catching up with friends.  Some are on holiday, having taken Monday off to gain a four-day break.

What device are you reading this blog post with?  It may not be a laptop, more likely it’s a mobile phone or even a tablet.

Our customers might be on holiday today, but they’re not on holiday from social media.  Checking Facebook and LinkedIn is a hard habit to break for many of us!

Looking at the ratings from a post earlier today on LinkedIn – they’re a little less than usual, but people are definitely checking their social media.  If you’re not posting today on social media, well – you should be!  Here are some thoughts about how you can leverage this for your business.

  1. Make sure you plan your posts throughout the year to take full advantage of the days when NZ slows down and really takes the time to check their social media feeds.
  2. Check that your website is mobile and device compatible.
  3. Get your website fully SEO optimised, so that your customers can find you.
  4. Have a list of helpful topics to write about.  You need to address your customers’ key pain points, answer their questions, and offer helpful information that educates them.
  5. Be thankful that you’re running a business right now.  Never has it been possible to connect with so many potential customers with such little effort.  Get your social media posts right to attract those customers you can do your best work for, impact major change for, and turn into raving fans for your business.

If you’ve missed posting today – start planning for Easter!  With four days off work, your customers will most certainly check their newsfeeds.  If you don’t want to or simply can’t write your own blog posts, social media posts or articles, outsource your writing.  You have just over 7 weeks to go.  Make sure you’re found on social media for that next holiday period!