Sales Training

Develop a process that delivers sustainable sales.

Sales are easier with a process in place

Set up a sales process that gives you the skills and confidence you need to deliver on your revenue goals

Learn proven sales skills

Have a repeatable process

Grow your revenue

Tailored sales coaching for your business

Maybe you’ve built your business from existing connections but now you’ve hit a wall.

Why can’t you sell to bigger customers when you’ve got such a great product or service?

It’s time to learn how to sell without relying on existing connections.

“We’ve got sales documents we can re-use and the flexible business development takes the risk out of sales recruitment.
Thanks Magnify. Love your work! Beauty!”

Niki Johnstone, Managing Director, N2P Controls

“Thanks for providing specific advice and some practical tools to grow sales for our event.”

Madeleine Taylor, Founder, People Skills Consulting

With Magnify Sales Training, you’ll

Develop a process that delivers on sales

Know how to progress sales opportunities

Gain essential sales skills

Gain confidence to start conversations with new clients

Grow your sales revenue

Our sales coaching sessions will help you:

Build personalised templates for sales writing

Create customer personas that can be updated as the market changes

Develop a sales process to reach out, follow up and confirm more sales with ideal clients

Explore our Offerings

Close More Sales – Hone your sales pitch

Half-day workshop for up to 5 participants

Hone your sales pitch and messaging so that clients just want to buy from you

Core focus on your first meeting + relating to stakeholders

Includes role play with presentation framework 

Via Zoom or in person (travel additional)


Close More Sales – Optimise your sales process

Half-day workshop for up to 5 participants

Increase close rates at critical parts of your sales process.

From the first meeting to that new client sales deposit in your business bank account

Map what you are currently doing, role play changes and document it

Via Zoom or in person (travel additional)


Frequently Asked Questions

Display none

As much or as little as you like. Choosing the ‘Done For You’ option means your Magnifier is your Business Development Manager.

We can do everything from sales strategy, sales systems and CRM set up, sales outreach and follow up – right through to closing sales.

Can anyone really learn to sell?

Like riding a bicycle, sales is a skillset you can develop.

Not everyone wants to sell but anyone can learn.

How do you help business owners do better sales presentations?

Better sales tools and a great sales pitch are essential.

We help you develop a sales pitch that works with the tools and resources you have available.

Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert, we’ll help you:

  • Craft a sales pitch you’ll be proud of
  • Develop simple sales processes
  • Bring the essential elements together to grow sales revenue
How will I know I’m ready to sell?

The first time you deploy your new sales skills may be a little scary.

Our sales training will give you undeniable sales confidence. You’ll start to enjoy the process that is now backed by new expertise.

The training you need to develop a sales process and deliver it with confidence