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Magnify Consulting-LinkAbility by Lynnaire Johnston

LinkedIn. If you’re not there, you ought to be. And if you are there, you ought to be maximising the opportunities. Finally – a step by step guide to growing your impact on your journey to LinkedIn success, whatever success means for you.

One – What’s special about this month’s book?

With the massive flight to LinkedIn in 2020, this book has been written at a moment of pure serendipity for author Lynnaire Johnston. Of course, it’s no longer enough just to have a LinkedIn profile. You need to show up on LinkedIn to have any impact. Whether you’re a LinkedIn beginner or wanting to up your game, this book is full of helpful tips to move you ahead on your journey to LinkedIn success.

Two – Book Details for LinkAbility

Book Title – LinkAbility – 4 powerful strategies to maximise your LinkedIn success

Author – Lynnaire Johnston

Publication Date – 02 September 2020

Publisher – Lynnaire Johnston

Three – Who is Lynnaire Johnston?

Lynnaire Johnston, aka the Word Wizard, is ranked New Zealand’s No. 1 LinkedIn expert. Running her copywriting business Word Wizard for more than two decades, Lynnaire and her team also provide training and done-for-you services to help businesses and professionals achieve online success. Especially success on LinkedIn.

Now LinkAbility puts Lynnaire’s wisdom into the hands of readers who want to understand LinkedIn and get the most from every LinkedIn post.

Four – What is the book’s premise?

That in a sea of 700 million members worldwide, you can achieve LinkedIn success by following the 4 powerful strategies outlined in LinkAbility–

  1. Connect to others
  2. Publish content
  3. Engage with others’ posts
  4. Build relationships

As Lynnaire says – understand and implement these four strategies and the world will be your oyster. You will be astonished at the opportunities that come your way. – Pg 1

It’s not quite as simple as 1,2,3 – but it’s certainly as simple as 1,2,3,4. LinkAbility shows you how.

Five – Does the book deliver on its premise?

Yes. Quick proviso – still implementing Lynnaire’s full range of strategies and it’s a little early in the piece to detail results!

There is a baseline you need to be at before you begin connecting. – Pg 19. Special bonus is the invite peppered through LinkAbility to download a PDF that helps you create an All Star LinkedIn profile so that you get the most out of your LinkedIn efforts.

The step-by-step processes Lynnaire outlines mean that you will be able to read LinkAbility and go forth into LinkedIn success yourself. Each of the four powerful strategies is clearly explained, starting with a summary, easy-to-read text, and screenshots to make sure you really understand exactly what to do.

Whether you want to dominate your market or keep up with the latest news in your industry, LinkAbility will help you get started with a simple but powerful strategic plan.

Six – What is the author’s voice like?

Relaxed. Confidence-inspiring. Encouraging. And full of practical LinkedIn tips. Even if you’re late to the LinkedIn party, it’s never too late to get started. LinkAbility will show you how.

Seven – Any memorable quotes?

Let’s get into some hard-hitting statistics for this Magnify Memorable Quote:


40% of active monthly users use LinkedIn daily, increasing your chances of being seen and your content being read and noticed.


Only three million users share content weekly. That’s not much for a very great number of people looking for it – proving that it is massively under-utilised. – Pg 101


Connecting is at the heart of winning with LinkedIn and if you plan to use the platform in a strategic way to achieve your business goals, it is essential.  – Pg 35


Often the personality of the poster shines through. They show a vulnerability perhaps, a willingness to help or even an acknowledgement of others’ efforts. In other words, the post adds value…The best posts are positive. They give back. – Pg 79


But what all these strategies have in common is this: they are not difficult or complicated to implement. They do not require advanced understanding of the technology behind the platform. All that is needed is an interest in reaching out to others, a desire to share information, and a commitment to try the strategies to determine which one best suits what you are attempting to do. – Pg 166

Eight – What are some insights I can get from reading this book?


A worthwhile LinkedIn strategy could take several months before its full impact is felt…LinkedIn is about farming, not hunting and those expecting to make a quick buck from the platform will be in for disappointment unless they go about it the right way – with motivation, commitment and the right strategy. – Pg 148


I would recommend planning at least six months ahead. This allows plenty of time for the preparation of videos and documents that may involve the assistance of others. – Pg 87


Most people manage their own LinkedIn account and receive message notifications, and messages don’t get dumped into junk or spam folders as often happens with emails. – Pg 125


Should you happen to disagree with the content of a post, feel free to say so … However, refrain from calling the poster an idiot or attacking them personally. By all means disagree, but disagree with the idea, not the person. – Pg 112


Watch how others use the platform and if they are getting results, try their techniques yourself. Always be measuring and evaluating results so you can decide what works best, and then leverage the power of LinkedIn even more. – Pg 166

Nine – How relevant is this book right now?

Increasingly relevant. In the New Zealand and Australia, there’s one person on LinkedIn for every 2.5 people in the population. Allowing for young children, teenagers, and the elderly, it’s safe to assume that most people in the workforce or looking for work are on LinkedIn. Having a powerful personal profile and strategies to stand out make all the difference. LinkAbility is a great way to get the edge on your market and LinkedIn goals.

Ten – Did the book live up to expectations?

Yes. The detail is fantastic. You can dive in and out of this book, but it’s designed for you to follow a proven process to LinkedIn success. Which the 4 powerful strategies, diagrams. Tables and appendices clearly lay out for you.

Eleven – Who would you recommend this book to?

Everyone who wants to up their LinkedIn game, especially those responsible for developing new business relationships.

Twelve – Who should buy this book?

Salespeople, sales leaders, business leaders, small business owners and anyone who needs (or wants) to put some oomph into your LinkedIn activity.

Thirteen – Where can I buy this book?

Order from Mighty Ape here.

Fourteen – Recommended snacks to accompany reading this book?

This book will help you see the huge possibility LinkedIn presents for your sales and business development. Read it once, put it down, and then come back again and again to work on the specific areas of LinkedIn where you need to improve the most.

You’ll need some long-haul snacks for playing the long game on your journey to LinkedIn success. A bowl of Scroggin – nuts, raisins, chunky dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, and coconut chips. If you prefer heated snacks – swap the Scroggin for a bowl of parmesan and garlic potato wedges served with aioli. Stay hydrated with tonic water plus a couple of glasses of spirulina.

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