Sales Set Up + CRM

Scale your sales and grow reliable revenue with Magnify by your side

We’ll get your sales process set up so you can put it into practice.

You’ve got the people to make the sales, we have the tools to pick up their performance and turn your sales around.

Sales strategy

Grow your revenue with a clear sales strategy.

Sales collateral

Target your ideal clients with collateral that resonates.

Sales systems + CRM

Set up the best systems that meet your sales goals.

Sustainably grow sales yourself with our expertise

Your Sales Set Up package gives you the benefits of a business development manager to set up your strategy, collateral and sales tools – without the hassle of hiring or finding the time to do it in-house.

“Mary provided just the sales help we needed in an organised and timely way. Her systems and processes helped us work together quickly and efficiently, which is so important when using an external contractor. Mary and Lynette’s enthusiasm and passion for sales shone through and they interacted perfectly with our clients. We will be back!”

Bridget Romanes, Principal, Mobile NZ

“Magnify’s implementation and management of HubSpot includes ongoing sales tasks to keep us on track. We’ve got sales documents we can re-use and the flexible business development takes the risk out of sales recruitment.
Thanks Magnify. Love your work! Beauty!”

Niki Johnstone, Managing Director, N2P Controls


We start with a Sales Insight Audit

We’ll see exactly what’s going on in your business and put together your personalised sales strategy.


We create the collateral you need to kick-start your sales

We’ll set up email templates, sales call scripts, conversation guidelines, testimonials and case studies that make sure you’re saying what your customers need to hear.


We set up the systems to grow your sales

Once we’ve agreed on your sales strategy, we review your systems to make sure you’re maximising your sales pipeline. Tailored to your unique business needs, we transfer you to the best CRM, proposal and sales tech to support sustainable sales growth. So you never lose a prospective customer again

Sales Set Up

All you need to confidently run your sales, in-house.

 Your personalised plan for sales action

Clear roadmap of sales opportunities

Navigate challenges + avoid pitfalls

Sales collateral

Sales script

Sales email templates

Testimonials + case studies

Sales tools set up and training


Sales tech + proposal tools

“If it’s B2B, you need to persist. It’s not just a three-month solution. New business development takes time. Magnify can certainly bring a lot to the sales process piece as well. It’s making sure you have good practices in place – that’s what they’ve been able to do.”

Hamish Baker, Director and Principal Safety Engineer, TEG Risk

“The intel provided before meetings was very helpful to go in with context and an understanding of the situation prospects were facing.  We were able to engage with prospects and reach a wide range of people across the public and private sector.”

James Nicolle, Business Development Manager, Boost

Frequently Asked Questions

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As much or as little as you like. Choosing the ‘Done For You’ option means your Magnifier is your Business Development Manager.

We can do everything from sales strategy, sales systems and CRM set up, sales outreach and follow up – right through to closing sales.

How will you make sales easier for me and my business?

We do the parts of sales that you’re unable to do yourself.

We’ll help you develop:

  • More streamlined sales systems and CRM
  • Better sales processes
  • Your confident sales pitch

So that you can:

  • Get more clients
  • Get more of your clients’ budget
  • Grow your sales revenue
How much selling do I have to do myself?

As much or as little as you like.

If you like sales, we’ll be there in the background supporting your revenue growth. Don’t like sales or don’t have the time to do sales? – Check out our ‘Done For You’ Sales support option.

What if I want to change things?

As we progress, you will want to change things. We offer maximum flexibility so you can resource up (or down!) as you need to.

Your weekly sales meeting is a great opportunity to discuss what’s changing in your business and what that means for your sales growth.

Get support with your Sales Set Up to manage your sales process, without the added cost of employing a full-time team member.