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Magnify is your on-demand business development and outsourced sales service that helps you to grow your sales while still maintaining full control and visibility of your own customer data.

When you want strategic sales help that delivers your competitive advantage and sales results –we’re here to give you flexible access to expert sales strategy and business development skills.

We’re passionate about creating a world where every business can become as big as they want.

Magnify Consulting was created by Mary Crampton, a sales and business development expert who wanted to make sales growth affordable and accessible for all businesses.

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About Mary and Magnify

Hello – I’m Mary and ​I just love sales. For a long time, I didn’t value this skill. Because it was just talking and listening – and everyone can do that, right?

Then I started to realise that I saw new client opportunities where others saw brick walls. At the same time, I realised that a lot of really gifted business owners and leaders don’t actually like sales.

Matching my skills and experience with a definite market need, Magnify Consulting evolved and produced some very happy customers all round.

We love a new business development challenge – using proactive sales skills to begin positive and profitable client relationships.

 ​Feel free to get in touch anytime, I would love to talk with you.

‘I love to get business owners excited about sales and what can be achieved with the resources they have.​ I particularly love solutions where a small change brings in a whole lot of extra revenue’ 

Mary Crampton

Director and founder

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Our primary goal is to help all our clients achieve their sales goals without experiencing the stress of trying to do it all themselves.

​The ultimate for us is our clients breathing a sigh of relief, knowing they can focus on their special skills and passion– because their sales are taken care of.

All businesses need great sales to grow, it’s as simple as that.

Magnify would love to be part of your sales story.

Our Values


Curious, persevering and innovative


Vision for your new sales opportunities


Discover the choices that were always yours


Transparent sales data and insights


Astute, resourceful and intentional


Your sales and market opportunities

All businesses need great sales to grow, it’s as simple as that.

Magnify would love to be part of your sales story.

Growing sales is easier than you think

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