Magnify your Business with Great Sales Documentation

Do you want to magnify your business and sales?  An excellent way to do this is by having great Sales Documentation for your client communications.

Think for a moment about the emails, letters, tenders, proposals, and everything in writing that you send to your clients.  The smallest detail really can make a difference in your written communications with clients – right down to subject headings that capture client interest and help your emails to get opened.

Here are Seven Ways to Shine with Great Sales Documentation:

  • Magnify your Brand – Communicate your key brand messages with well-written sales documentation.  Is your business innovative, professional, flexible and confident – all at the same time?  Well-written emails, letters, and proposals, utilising your graphics and branding, will reinforce these key messages to your customers.
  • Speak to your Clients – Telling stories wins hearts.  Hearts lead customers to become raving fans.  Make sure you tell your clients how they can benefit from using your products and services, in a way that speaks to them, sparking their interest and making them want to deal with your business.
  • Create a Unified Voice – The CEO, the Sales Person, the Operations Manager and the HR Director often write their own expert sections of tenders and proposals.  Pitch for that new business with a unified voice by selecting a competent business writer to proof your documents and suggest improvements.  Be sure to make any necessary changes before you send documents to your clients.
  • Showcase your Professionalism – Well-written sales documentation includes correct spelling and punctuation.  Don’t just rely on your spell-check though – get someone else to read your writing first to ensure everything makes sense.  As our media man says – know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’.  Also between ‘its’ and ‘it’s’, and ‘to’, ‘too’ and ‘two’.
  • Improve Time Management – Do you have templates of your key emails, letters and proposals?  These can be ‘tweaked’ and then sent to your clients very quickly.  Make sure you can access your documentation from your phone and mobile devices for even more streamlined time management.  Perhaps you’ll have time for that lunch-break after all!
  • Give Confidence, Grow Trust – When you respond to a client in a timely manner with well-written sales documentation, you demonstrate that your business is organised.  This gives the client confidence in you, and builds trust.  If you can sort out your inbox, you can probably also take good care of them and their business.  Let’s face it – we all want to do business with people we can trust.
  • Keep on Top of Follow-Up – Having a sales process, with the appropriate documentation prepared for each step, will help you keep on top of your client follow-up.  Which will help you to close more sales.

When you shine in these seven ways, you really will out-class any other salesperson, blitzing the competition.

It’s time to let your sales documentation shine.  Go forth – Magnify your Business and your Sales!