When Harry Married Meghan – 12 Sales and Marketing Lessons from the Royal Wedding

Did you watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding on Saturday 19 May?  Were you at one of the famous wedding parties, toasting the happy couple from the other side of their world?

A magnificent wedding calls for a spot on the Magnify blog.  Here are 12 Sales and Marketing lessons we can learn from the royal wedding:

  1. Get your launch date right – Ouch – that clash with the FA Cup Final!  No worries – Harry and Meghan simply moved their wedding to an earlier time in the day.  Many happy families in the UK would have the telly on for about 8 hours straight – wedding first, then football.
  2. Adapt to change and Have a plan B – After Meghan’s father unexpectedly had surgery, Meghan had to get Prince Charles to walk her down the aisle.  There’s always a way through setbacks – keep brainstorming until you find it.
  3. Stay true to your brand – This was Harry and Meghan’s special day.  They remembered that, and at times, even with those couple of billion viewers – it was simply just Haz and Meg.
  4. Align your product with the values of your target market – Well done Harry and Meg for this one!  From diversity, to unity, to saving the planet through that gorgeous blue electric-powered jaguar – this royal wedding ticked all the boxes.
  5. Understand your different market segments – Harry and Meghan’s wedding had something for almost every one of the 2 billion people worldwide who watched the wedding on tv.  Fashionistas, flower enthusiasts, petrolheads (does this term work for those who loved the electric jaguar?).  Whether you enjoyed watching cute children in the wedding party, or counting the cell phones, or listening to the passionate message from Bishop Michael Bruce Curry – there was something for everyone at this wedding.
  6. Create an impact by responding to trends before your competitors – The one-of-a-kind electric-powered jaguar was the vehicle of choice as Harry drove Meghan to the wedding reception.
  7. Blast the competition out the of water, by sheer innovation – A gospel choir, Oprah, a lemon and elderflower cake – what more can we say?  This is one royal wedding we’ll all remember.
  8. Keep on loving your existing customers – Thanks Meghan for thinking of the Commonwealth, by incorporating flowers from each country into the design on your fabulous wedding veil
  9. Get social media working for you – Yep, those pics are everywhere – including this blog post!
  10. Harness your differences to form an insurmountable competitive advantage and enter new markets – Right now, whole segments of British society are falling in love with the monarchy, as they see Meghan’s life reflecting their own.
  11. Be confident in your value – This could have been the stock-standard royal wedding if Meghan wasn’t confident in who she is and what she wanted to bring to the day.
  12. Leave your customers wanting more – After such a glamorous exit into the British countryside, on their journey to the wedding reception, the world wonders – What will Harry and Meghan do next?  Yes, like all good product launches, we’re eagerly awaiting the next chapter of their story. ​