Too Scared to Sell?

Many business owners admit to fearing sales.  The thought of selling their goods and services is enough to make them break into a cold sweat.

If you’re scared of sales, pause for a moment and think about what a sale is.  At its core, a sale is an agreement between two people.  One person agrees to supply goods or services.  The other person agrees to buy the goods or services, for an agreed price.

The very heart of sales is an agreement between two people.  Sometimes we’ve forgotten the power of personal contact.  Listening to clients, making time for them, providing solutions to their problems – these things never go out of fashion.  Yes – that’s right! People buy from people.

Next time you’re at a function and you meet a potential client, remember that they are a person first, and a potential client second.  Take the time to understand their story.  Listen to their pain points.  Have one or two good sentences (your elevator pitch!) that you can say about your business.  Then, suggest a coffee catch up.  They’ll probably say yes!

Why?  In experience, it’s a rare man or woman who says ‘no’ to a suggestion to catch up for coffee.  When two people sit down over a cup of coffee (or tea), they relax.  Even the person who says, ‘I’m happy with my current supplier’ will often say ‘Yes’ to a coffee catch up.  When you’re sitting having coffee, relaxing, you might just discover more of their pain points.

You might not realise it, but you’re already starting the sales journey together.  Whether they buy from you now or in the future, that person you’re having coffee with is evaluating whether they’d like to deal with you.  That’s right – you, as a person.

Think of sales as an opportunity to meet some great people, learn more about them, and then to share how you can help them.

As Zig Ziglar says ‘Stop selling.  Start helping’.  Focus on how you can help people.  Any fear of sales will soon go – all you’re doing is helping people to understand the options available to them.  Your sales will just naturally ‘close’ if you focus on helping those ideal clients.

Yes – People buy from people.  We love how that still works!