More Great Business Writing

Magnify your business with a well-written blog.  Promoting your posts via social media will really get your business messages out to your current and your future customers.

There are some incredible business writers and publications available.  Here are a few of the Magnify favourites:

NZ Entrepreneur Magazine.  Full of interesting articles, this writing courageously asks the hard questions that many of us are secretly wondering about.  See this recent feature article by Sandy Geyer ‘Will running a business together ruin our marriage?’.  Or this article by Richard Liew on ‘Five questions every entrepreneur should ask when people offer advice’.  Even better – it’s free to your inbox each Tuesday.

SmartCompany.  If you want to know business news from the Eastern Island – aka Australia – just check this out.  Not only will you find helpful tips such as ‘Five golden rules for getting your emails and letter read’, you will also be able to keep up with changing legislation in Australia.  This is particularly useful if you have Australian clients and/or suppliers.  Another great source of inspiration that’s free to your inbox.

The Sydney Morning Herald – specifically – the Business Section.  What a fabulously well laid-out newspaper!  By the time you’ve eaten your marmite and toast, you’ll still only be scratching the surface of their daily spread of business news.

The Story of Telling – by Bernadette Jiwa.  Every couple of days, readers are treated to new sales and marketing insights, direct to their email inbox.  This woman packs more punch in three paragraphs than you might think humanly possible.  Her posts often pose challenging questions that can transform your business thinking, if you let them.  Check out ‘The Value Question’‘The Patient Marketer’ or ‘Are You Pressing The Right Buttons?’.  Bernadette also has a new book – ‘Hunch: Turn Your Everyday Insights Into The Next Big Thing’.

WizeUp.  Inspiration from successful NZ entrepreneurs, sharing their pearls of wisdom.  You’ll find contributions from famous names like Laura HumphreysMike BrunelTami Louisson and more.  This is a great business resource for practical questions and for business inspiration.

And now it’s your turn to write – start Magnifying your Business with some great business writing!