Magnify Sales Book Club – Find new sales opportunities with ‘Covid Schmovid’

Magnify Consulting - Covid Schmovid: 19 ways to make your small business boom
It’s a fact. The world has changed. That doesn’t have to mean that your sales and business development opportunities are over. It’s time to get creative and brainstorm to find the door in that brick wall you’re facing. If you’re stuck on how to get get started, ‘Covid Schmovid’ delivers 19 ways to get those new business development ideas started.

One – What’s special about this month’s book?

Written by a New Zealand author and published just a couple of months ago, here’s a quirky, practical book packed with 19 innovative ways your small business can boom post-Covid.

Two – Book Details for ‘Covid Schmovid’

Book Title – Covid Schmovid: 19 ways to make your small business boom

Author – Vaughn Davis

Publication Date –11 September 2020

Publisher – The Goat Farm Limited

Three – Who is Vaughn Davis?

After more than a decade in the Air Force, New Zealander Vaughn Davis moved into the world of advertising working with big agencies. He wanted something more, had a yearning to be his own boss. So, Vaughn founded The Goat Farm (TGF), a contemporary advertising and social media company based in Auckland, to specialise in advertising and social media.

Vaughn doesn’t mess around. ‘Covid Schmovid’ (Vaughn’s second book) was imagined, written, edited, produced and published during New Zealand’s recent lockdown levels.

At just under 160 pages, Vaughn delivers pithy insights to help you grow your business.

  • Not in 18 months.
  • Not next October.


Four – What is the book’s premise?

That you, small business owner, can find the silver lining in the cloud that is Covid. There’s opportunity out there, using Vaughn Davis’ ideas as a springboard to your next success.

And the key to this success? Ideas that in almost every case put the customer at the centre of your world and treat them as an equal, not a resource. – Pg 15.

Five – Does the book deliver on its premise?

Yes. Especially if you’re in retail or hospitality or services. Even if you’re not, the principles are transferable to all industries. Yes – SaaS, tech, engineering, construction – there’s something here for us all.

Vaughn caters for business builders who are busy getting through Covid-19 and pivoting into new opportunities.

You can ‘get’ the message of this book from the four-word summary printed just inside the front cover – Put your customers first.

If you like learning but don’t like reading, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Six – What is the author’s voice like?

Funny. Smart. Pulling no punches. Honest. With some good helpings of empathy.

Starting with a (deliberate?) spelling error where Vaughn thanks Natalie Gibb for ‘proofreadign’, ‘Covid Schmovid’ takes a witty look at a tough economic situation.

Whether Covid-19 has left your business reeling, or rolling in opportunity, Covid Schmovid will give you a good respite from working in your business and help get you started working on your business.

Seven – Any memorable quotes?

Magnify memorable quote is this little gem, which might just remind you of that fabulous film ‘Back to the Future’!


If your business planning is based o getting through a temporary crisis until things get back to normal, it’s time for a rethink. We’re not going “back to” anything (sorry Marty and Doc Brown!). We’re going forward – just like we have from every world-changing crisis. – Pg 17


Businesses positioned for the new reality prosper. Those that wait for the pre-Covid world to return wither and disappear. – Pg 18

Eight – What are some insights I can get from reading this book?


FOGO is the new FOMO… Fear Of Going Out is a real fear of many customers and in many cases is entirely justifiable. …

Joy Of Staying Home – is the positive flipside and represents both a threat and opportunity for business. – Pg 26


My barber (who opened on his first post-lockdown day at 4.55am!) started giving free cuts to customers who’d lost their jobs. When word spread, customers who could afford to started paying the barber for other people’s free cuts. – Pg 44


And while those entry-level email platforms are “free”, nothing will happen without a regular investment of time from you or your team. – Pg 68


Instead of trying to make Google happy, try making your customers happy! Having a website that meets your customers’ needs and explains what you sell clearly in language that people understand will usually do well with Google too. – Pg 76



  1. Hills Hats
  2. Ingrid Starnes
  3. Ironclad Pan Co
  4. Doc Edge film festival
  5. FED
  6. Jucy

Nine – How relevant is this book right now?

Very relevant. Also very encouraging. Whatever you’re facing, Vaughn will help you tip your thinking on its head and see the opportunities all around you.

Ten – Did the book live up to expectations?

Yes. This is not a deep-thinking sales manual. It’s an encouraging springboard to get your creative juices flowing so that you can generate more sales and marketing ideas for your business. Complete with pictures and Covid-19 virus graphics to highlight chapter numbers and page numbers.

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration and some light relief from all the doom and gloom – ‘Covid Schmovid’ most definitely delivers.

Eleven – Who would you recommend this book to?

Everyone who owns or manages a small business. Plus, everyone looking at brick walls caving in, who needs some help to see the opportunities.

Twelve – Who should buy this book?

Small business owners and anyone who needs to put the joy back into your sales and marketing.

Thirteen – Where can I buy this book?

Order from Mighty Ape here.

Fourteen – Recommended snacks to accompany reading this book?

You’ll be done in just over an hour. This distinctive red book with some quirky New Zealand humour needs special kiwi-style snacks.

Reserve your place on the sofa. Fill a bowl with pineapple lumps, sugar snap peas and freshly chopped apple. Wash it down with a bottle of Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Chocolate Milk, made with Whittaker’s 5-Roll Refined Creamy Milk Chocolate.

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