An Introduction to Magnify and Outsourced Sales

Welcome to Magnify and to our Magnify Blog! Magnify exists to grow your business by growing your sales. Magnify Consulting specialises in outsourced sales solutions.  We fill the gaps in your sales process that “business as usual” prevents you from doing yourself.

All businesses need great sales to grow – it’s as simple as that. Yet not all businesses have the sales support or structure they need to actually succeed in this area.

Large businesses often have a strong sales team, who may be specialists in particular areas of the business. Their targeted focus helps them to really understand the clients assigned to them. But the team may have weaknesses in key parts of the sales process, such as new business development, preparing tenders and proposals, winning back lost clients. As they are already a big,
successful company, the team may not even realise their weaknesses.

Medium sized businesses may have a good team, but still struggle to handle those extra requirements such as preparing tenders and proposals. They may also struggle to take time out for training, as it creates a backlog of work for the entire team.

Smaller to Medium sized business (usually with 8-14 staff) may be in that challenging place where the Founder/CEO is handling all of the sales, as well as their own role. This can be particularly frustrating as they are forced to let opportunities go because they simply don’t have enough sales resource to pursue them. They may be wondering about taking on a salesperson, but have concerns about whether it is the right time for the business, or whether they can sustain an additional salary through the natural peaks and troughs in their market.

Start-ups particularly need sales, but could be focused around a core group of developers or product specialists. Perhaps there is no-one on team with the courage to really sell their products and services. They may have brilliant ideas, but be struggling to tell prospective clients how they are solving their problems, and have low sales as a result.

Sales equals cashflow – which is the lifeblood of any business. Love them or hate them – salespeople are necessary to your success.

What if you’re a CEO or business owner with questions, such as:

  • Is there really a new market here?
  • How can I quickly test this potential market?
  • Is it time to take on a full-time salesperson?
  • How long will it take for them to get up to speed?
  • What if I’m not happy with them?
  • How can I increase my sales force without my competition knowing?
  • Will I have to employ a full-time person during the quiet season?

Magnify can help you. Use our flexible terms and sales expertise to maintain your sales functions and answer business development questions – while you make decisions about your sales resources.

​Magnify will help you identify the gaps in your sales processes, provide comprehensive solutions, and then work with you to plug your sales gaps so that your sales can really grow.

Growing your business has never been easier. So relax. Do what you do best for your business, while we focus on growing your sales.