Protecting your Data when you Outsource

When you outsource all or part of your sales processes, the new salespeople will have access to your company’s data.  It is very important for you to check their level of data security.

A good company will have security protection, and also excellent back-up processes to protect your data.  Don’t be scared to ask them – it’s your data, and you need to know that it’s safe.

Cloud-based solutions can also assist in backing up data.  Some clients prefer to have their data physically on site with them, due to security concerns.  However – provided you manage the risk by having good processes in place, controlling who has access to the data, and the permissions each person has – working with cloud-based solutions can have tangible benefits.

Recent events here in New Zealand highlight the importance of business flexibility and resilience.  Earthquakes and floods mean some businesses without solid back-up processes or cloud-based data have struggled to maintain their work levels, assuming they could even access their client information.  You need to ask your outsourced sales provider what contingency plans they have in place if a natural disruption happened.

Robust HR policies and checks also help to protect clients’ data.  Honest, trustworthy people who want to do an excellent job will care about clients, and this also helps protect your data.

Finally, have your legal adviser check any contracts that you sign, to ensure your data and business intelligence will be kept confidential.  This shouldn’t take too long to do and will give you peace of mind.

Once you’ve checked about data security – relax.  As we say here at Magnify – Do what you do best for your business while we focus on growing your sales.