Deepen Your Customer Relationships

Growing sales means your business is growing.  At Magnify, we often talk to clients who want to see exponential growth very quickly, especially if they are launching a new product or service.  They want to make fast decisions if they need to pivot their offering to meet the market needs.

Fast growth happens most easily when our offering is right, the timing is right, our sales material is right, our approach is right.  Everything aligns as it should, and it’s a beautiful sales growth moment.

However, the more expensive the offering, the higher the level of customer trust that will be needed to close sales.  Customer trust comes out of deeper customer relationships.  Trust often takes time to build up.  Some sales campaigns want fast results; they may not have the luxury of time.

So – how do you deepen your customer relationships without burning through your sales budget?

Think about your sales campaign from the customer’s point of view.  Here are four things to consider to help deepen your customer relationships:

  • Solve Customer Problems – Sales is all about solving customer problems.  Does your product / service solve an urgent problem for your customer?  If you’re solving a problem, but it’s not urgent, there will be less impetus for the customer to move quickly.
  • Get Your Timing Right – Think about the timing of your offering.  What is your target market doing right now, at this time of the year?  Will they be in the right head-space to consider your offering?
  • Build Credible Sales Collateral – What sales material can you use to build trust and credibility for your campaign?  Do you have testimonials or case studies?  Is a video clip available?  Is there any media coverage you can link to?  More sales collateral means more ways for your customer to check out that your offering stacks up, so that they can build trust in you and in your company.
  • Have a Sales Strategy – Do you have a plan for your sales approach?  Will you use emails, phone calls, social media posts, or a combination of everything to build your sales campaign?  Think of the best way to contact your ideal customer.  The busier the customer, the more you will need to rely on well-written material that can cut through potential spam filters.

Yes, there can be a whole lot of preparation before you even approach your customer.  Excellent preparation builds a strong foundation for a successful sales campaign.  This gives your customer confidence that you understand their needs and have the best solution.  Trust grows, and you deepen your customer relationships.

We live in an amazing age of technology, but the basic premise is still true.  People buy from people – and especially from people they trust.  So, build solutions to real-life customer problems, show your customers that you are credible, deepen your customer relationships – and your sales will grow.