Grow revenue in uncertain times

Sales War Chest™

There’s been a massive shift in the way we do business.

The whole world has been stopped by an unseen enemy.

Sales War Chest delivers the sales growth resources you wish you had.

Business leaders are navigating uncharted waters in a maelstrom.

We’ve lost everything we thought was certain.

How do you grow your sales when the economic landscape has been razed to the ground?

Where do you go to get the resources you need to grow sales in this volatile world?

You know you need to pivot, but where to? There is no playbook.

If you’re grappling with this new reality, Sales War Chest is for you.

Sales War Chest delivers strategies and tools to help you fight for the survival of your business.

You may not have the resources you’d want.

You may not feel like you know enough about selling in these tough times.

Let’s get through this together.

Let us begin.

Innovation and Sales Growth

When the world tips upside down, it’s definitely time to innovate.

Sales War Chest Webinars

Under the Sales War Chest banner, Magnify is running a series of webinars focused on the relationship between innovation and sales growth, to help you pivot and discover the best opportunities for revenue growth in your business.

Magnify Webinar Series

See earlier webinars  here

Webinar Seven

Tactical Pipeline Growth – Winning the Outbound Battle for New Business

Only a small handful of books out there will help you to become a better seller. Magnify’s Sales Book Club for September 2020 – ‘Tactical Pipeline Growth’ by Mark McInnes – is one of those.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the world while Mark McInnes was in the final stages of editing ‘Tactical Pipeline Growth’. This book is now needed more than ever, as many companies desperately work to pivot their sales processes and approach in a radically different economy where they are significantly down for their first-half year targets.

Join us as Mark shares more about the process you can use to power outbound sales. Even in a tough selling market.
We will cover:

  • Developing outbound sales expertise
  • Why you need tactical pipeline growth
  • How to get started
  • Special feature presentation about a critical area of B2B outbound sales – How to reach out on LinkedIn

Webinar Six

New Business Launch – Standing out in a crowded marketplace

New businesses are always encouraged to differentiate your offering, especially if you are in an already crowded market.

When Nickie Sheehan launched her new accounting practice Trio Accounting in February 2020, she wanted to focus on helping women build successful businesses without the guilt.

Just six weeks after launching, Covid-19 impacted the New Zealand business landscape and Nickie’s new business was forced into lockdown along with most other NZ businesses.

Join us for a dynamic conversation about:
• Starting a new business
• Differentiating your offering in a crowded marketplace
• Pivoting in a pandemic, and
• Maintaining good mental health in rapidly changing times

Webinar Five

Growth Levers – Five hidden opportunities your business could be missing

When your team are working hard just to keep on top of business as usual, you may not realise how many revenue growth opportunities are literally hiding in plain sight.

Covid-19 has brought massive changes to the business landscape.  Every $10,000 you salvage just became even more important to your bottom line.

Whether you are a $1 million company or a $1 billion company, five key issues are common across most businesses.

Hear One of Australasia’s most sought-after Advisors on Business Optimisation & Strategic Growth share insights to help you unlock the hidden growth and profit opportunities in your enterprise.

Webinar Four

Smarketing – How your online presence supports Sales Growth

After one month in total lockdown under Level Four, your business’ online presence just became even more important.
Customers are scouring the internet before making purchasing decisions, gathering information to research and validate your offering. They all want to know:

  • Are you ‘the real deal’?
  • Will you do what you have promised?
It is now critical to support your sales growth with credible, consistent web content.

Hear two website and content specialists share insights about how your online presence supports sales growth, and steps you can take to keep your business ahead of the competition.

Questions we will explore include:
1. Smarketing – How your online presence and outbound sales work together
2. Online credibility – How to attract the customers you most want to serve
3. An online presence that delivers – Getting the best ROI from your online presence

Webinar Three

Innovation War Stories – Building your business in uncertain times

With the changes since Covid-19, we have come to the end of economic cycle. Of course, that means it’s the beginning of a whole new economic cycle.
Hear two successful entrepreneurs share some of their Innovation War Stories, with insights about innovation and building your business in uncertain times.

Questions we’ll explore include:

1. Growth trends – what are the emerging trends happening in the market that you can take advantage of for growth?
2. Where to look for new markets and new opportunities – including international opportunities.
3. With all businesses now working from home, how has this altered the relationship between SMEs and large enterprise businesses? What new opportunities does this open?

Webinar Two

Working with Freelancers and Consultants – Your innovative approach to scaling up in a changed market

The world is paused, but hopefully not for long. One of the key issues facing businesses will be how to resource-up with the right talent at the right time.

Questions we’ll explore include:

1. Dynamic and agile resourcing opportunities – Where and how do Freelancers/Contractors add value?
2. Contractor wellbeing – How do you manage Freelancers/Contractors?
3. What is the future for Freelancers/Contractors, and for the organisations/businesses who engage them?


Webinar One

Intellectual Property, Your Brand and Sales – Your foundation for New Innovation

Three speakers share about innovation in their specialist areas – to help you pivot your business in this new business landscape.

1. Protecting your innovation to win in a changed world – Chris Sheehan, Zone Law
2. Building your brand in a changed world – Jane Comben, Pogo Design
3. Helping you to sell in a changed world – Mary Crampton, Magnify Consulting

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