Sales War Chest Webinars

Magnify Consulting: Your new competitive edge

Magnify Webinar Series

Under the Sales War Chest banner, Magnify is running a series of webinars focused on the relationship between innovation and sales growth, to help you pivot and discover the best opportunities for revenue growth in your business.

Webinar Seven

Tactical Pipeline Growth – Winning the Outbound Battle for New Business

Webinar Six

New Business Launch – Standing out in a crowded marketplace

Webinar Five

Growth Levers – Five hidden opportunities your business could be missing

Webinar Four

Smarketing – How your online presence supports Sales Growth

Webinar Three

Innovation War Stories – Building your business in uncertain times

Webinar Two

Working with Freelancers & Consultants – Your innovative approach to scaling up

Webinar One

Intellectual Property, Your Brand and Sales – Your foundation for New Innovation