Sales War Chest

Sales Resources that help you grow revenue in uncertain times

Helping you sell with confidence

Difficulties are mastered, opportunities are won

How do you grow sales when the economic landscape is constantly changing?

The Sales War Chest gives you the information you need to grow revenue in uncertain times.

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Reach your sales goals with Magnify Consulting

Sales Insight Audit

Clarity is the antidote to uncertainty.

With insight, you can avoid missed sales opportunities and grow sustainable sales.

Assess the health of your sales pipeline

Identify and reclaim missed opportunities

Plan for future growth

Outsourced Sales

Relax, we’ll do sales for you.

Let our outsourced business development team turn your sales around – without the FTE price tag.

Sales strategy

Sales systems

Sales professionals

Sales Set Up

We’ll get your sales process set up so you can put it into practice.

You’ve got the people to make the sales, we have the tools to get those people performing.

Sales strategy

Sales collateral

Sales systems

Sales Recruitment

Have experienced sales staff running the pipeline.

We help you de-risk the sales recruitment process and hire the right person for the job.

Recruit the right candidate

Onboard staff seamlessly

Reduce ramp-up time to full sales capacity

Sales Training

Sales are easier with a process in place.

We get you set up with a sales process that provides the confidence you’ll meet your revenue goals.

Learn proven sales skills

Have a repeatable process

Grow your revenue

How Sales War Chest began

A long time ago in an economy far, far away – a new virus invaded the earth. As the people scattered home to an uncertain future, commerce ground to a resounding halt. And suddenly – everybody went online.

Enter Sales War Chest.

Birthed in the March 2020 lockdown, forged in the grief of business owners rapidly pivoting, Sales War Chest delivers the sales resources you wish you had.

Expand your sales pipeline even in tough times.

Without having to employ a full-time sales professional!