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Outsourced sales

Outsourced Sales

Many Businesses Struggle with Sales

Some struggle to gain new clients, others struggle to hang on to existing clients. Many more struggle because they have no-one in a specific ‘sales’ role. Add in the challenges of finding that perfect salesperson to communicate technical or scientific information, or industry jargon. Sales just seems like a whole lot of hard work for many businesses.

Hiring a salesperson can be expensive. Once you employ someone, it can be very tough to make changes if things don’t work out.

  • How do you know when you’re ready to make that leap and hire a full-time person?
  • What if you’re not happy with them?
  • Could you sustain their salary in the natural peaks and troughs that your market faces?

Outsourcing all or part of your sales process, using our flexible terms and sales expertise, helps you
to maintain your sales functions while you make decisions about your sales resources.

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Your off-site sales team

This is where your epic journey to sales success gets a big boost as you start your sales campaign. You can see what it’s like working with your own business development manager and/or salesperson, at your place or ours. You’ll be able to keep your overheads down while you enjoy flexible sales and business expertise and increased speed to market.

We come alongside you, advise where change is needed, and develop a plan to see your sales grow.

Perhaps you have your own sales team, but you’d like cover for a period of staff leave. Or maybe you’d like to pilot new products and services without your competition knowing.

Outsourcing sales means that you grow your business and protect it while that new growth is happening. When you’re ready – we’ll pull out seamlessly, leaving you with new clients, enhanced client data and market intelligence that will grow your sales long after we’ve completed our assignment.

delivering client opportunities

Your sales development rep

We specialise in telephone-based account management. Done professionally, in a targeted way that’s tailored to your sales campaign and in line with your sales objectives.

Our superior telephone conversation skills will differentiate you from others who may be too hesitant to pick up the phone and actually talk to clients.

Never miss a follow-up again! Your outsourced Sales Development Rep will deliver your client meeting opportunities on a platter – ready to talk about buying from you. You’ll also gain a whole lot of market intel to prepare you for the meetings.

Growing sales is easier than you think

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