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Business development sits in that interesting space above sales and marketing. It’s the ability to strategize and think and to then turn those thoughts into sales opportunities. It’s about the bigger picture, knowing what’s going on in the industry and looking for the opportunities for your business to grow and develop.

Employing a business development manager can seem like a luxury you can’t afford when you’re in the early stages of growth, or when your team budgets are at breaking point. But logically it’s also a necessity – and that’s where we come in.

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strategy and Planning

Expand your team with us

We’ll help you strategize and plan how to gain the most value from changes in your market, developing your sales tactics so that you can work out what’s next.
Then we’ll carry out your sales tactics to grow your business.

successful growth and development

Working with you to make sure your business successfully grows

We’ll work with you to make sure your business successfully grows and develops – after all we’ll be part of your team so we can:

  • Help you build and develop new relationships
  • Represent you and your brand at industry events and conferences
  • Provide monthly client reports
  • Deliver/Offer genuine competitor insights
  • Update you on changes in your market

All the benefits of a business development manager without the expected overheads. Bliss! Or should we say – Sales!

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