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I met Magnify through Chrysalis – seeing what was possible through Mary and that the business specifically catered for small and medium businesses, the fit was perfect for what I was looking for.

Let’s face it, many business owners aren’t good at sales. Magnify can help with their outsource solution.

I had reservations about the potential cost, but decided to start out small and see how it progressed. As a small business I needed to ensure I was getting value for money for the $$ I was putting in.

We saw a significant profile lift in the market through sales calls and general information sharing of the philosophy of the business. Regular follow up with sales calls resulted in successful sales.

Magnify brings sales expertise on tap, answering questions you didn’t know you had.  They carefully worked through a great sales strategy and approach before heading straight into cold calls (which improves the likelihood of getting sales).

It was great to have someone with experience to focus on the sales, leaving me to get on with running the business

Small to medium businesses would benefit from Magnify’s services. Having an outsourced sales force available for a variety of changing requirements provides significant flexibility to a small business. It means you can get sales expertise when you can afford it (when you want to grow). Many small businesses can’t hire full time sales staff. This is why Magnify is so brilliant. The team can provide outsourced sales expertise while you get on with running your business.

Annouschka Martinsen

Celebrate Me

Mary and her team at Magnify have been working with us on business development and outbound calling for 18 months, engaging people across a range of public and private organisations to set up and arrange meetings for our internal sales team to attend. The results have been fantastic, and Mary has a real enthusiasm for this work, and the results show it. 

Finding and engaging with decision makers can often be a tricky process, but we’ve got weekly meetings booked in our calendars, regular reports summarising activity levels and a great, collaborative relationship that is setting our business up for success. Highly recommend Magnify if you are looking for some sales and business development help from a team who strive for great results.

James Nicolle

Business Development Manager, Boost

One day I had a call from Mary who said she’d seen us in the paper and wanted to know if we needed some sales help.  I’d been thinking about how we were doing our sales, so it was timely.  But I wasn’t sure how best to action this.  Time passed, and I got another call in a few months from Mary, and the time was right to ‘give it a go’.

Although I Initially had concerns were around how easy it would be for someone else to represent what we did, I found that the process that Magnify use to understand our business and what we were trying to achieve was a great way to ‘knowledge transfer’. 

We have used Magnify in two areas of our business.  The Text Ferret piece has allowed us to test the market and pick up some additional sales we would not have achieved otherwise.  For Litmus, working with Magnify has allowed us to have someone on the ground in Wellington to represent us at events, and then help with our prospecting/setting up sales meetings – as a result we have managed to get a full sales funnel without me needing to put in all the leg work!

It’s good to be able to ‘bounce ideas’ and discuss the wider sales/marketing activities that we are working to achieve.  Magnify has good positivity.  You are proactive, you work with integrity.  You’re really there to help us grow our sales.  The enthusiasm is great!

I’d recommend Magnify to any small organisation who needs some outsourced sales help.  Magnify is genuinely interested in helping you grow your business.  Thanks again for your support!

Isaac Wilson

Founder, Litmus Marketing

One of our Directors had already worked with you to grow sales.  When we were setting up PlanRight, he said that Magnify Consulting would be good to work with to grow sales for PlanRight.

It was easy.  Magnify was available when we needed sales and you were able to deliver what we needed.  Working with Magnify has taken us from zero customers to where we are now – with subscribed customers in NZ, Australia, UK, US and other parts of the world.

It’s been great!  You are self-sufficient – we don’t have to manage you.  We know what you are doing and delivering on.  We’ve never had to chase you up for things. You just get on with it.  You take ownership over what you do, work autonomously and represent our brand so well that you have become PlanRight.  And you are always so positive.  I would recommend Magnify to any new start-ups that need some sales and marketing, and don’t have the skillset or ability to do it themselves.

Debbie Haddon

Director, PlanRight

A trusted business friend recommended Magnify to us at a time when we were exploring our sales and business development strategy. We got you in to have a chat and evaluate the fit, along with what you could do to help us.  We liked your positive, can-do attitude, so we engaged Magnify to support our sales and business development strategy.

Working with Magnify freed up my time by having you doing the prospecting on my behalf which was the goal.  I had more time to focus on things other than prospecting, knowing that this part was in safe hands.  This means that I could just direct my focus on the client meetings and other BD activities. The intel provided before meetings was very helpful to go in with context and an understanding of the situation prospects were facing.  We were able to engage with prospects and reach a wide range of people across the public and private sector.

James Nicolle

Business Development Manager, Boost

My challenge was that I didn’t have a specific sales process.   As a result of that, I was wasting a lot of precious time running around like a headless chicken.  I attended one of Mary’s sales workshops and it was through that process I recognised where all the gaps were in my sales process.  I also saw that I was doing all the work and the prospect wasn’t ‘buying into the process’ and that they had no ownership until much later in my old process.  Once I saw the gaps I worked one on one with Mary to develop a sales process and also a series of emails to support that process.  As a result of this work, I am now able to use this as a framework for working with new leads and it helps me know where I am which each lead all the time.  I can highly recommend Mary.

Frances Lamb

Business Development Manager, Rubicon Coaching and Training

Mary took our disjointed bits of information and created awesome sales email templates and sales text for us to use in our marketing. She went above and beyond for us – has an excellent mind for distilling things down to the key points that matter to customers and guiding you how to use them. Was totally worth the investment.

Chrysalis for Women

Womens Business Networking Group, Wellington

Shout out to the fabulous Mary Crampton whose sales workshop inspired me to take immediate action on parts of my business where I was spending too much time for too little $$$, I have restructured my pricing, separated add on value AND I doubled – yes DOUBLED my revenue for July on previous months. Thanks Mary, you are a rockstar! 

Iona Elwood-Smith

Business Owner, Build a Website for Me

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