Sales Recruitment

Take the risk out of recruiting sales staff

Have experienced sales staff running the pipeline

We help you de-risk the sales recruitment process and hire the right person for the job.

Recruit the right candidate

Onboard staff seamlessly

Reduce ramp-up time to full sales capacity

De-risk your sales recruitment

Ensure you’re recruiting the right sales professional for the job.

We help you identify the skills and experience that transfer into real results to drive sales and fit well with your team.

“Working with Magnify has taken us from zero customers to where we are now – with subscribed customers in NZ, Australia, UK, US and other parts of the world.”

Debbie Haddon, Director, PlanRight

With Magnify Sales Recruitment, you’ll

Get an honest assessment of a new sales team member

Speed up the hiring process

Confidently onboard your new salesperson

Receive support to train your new team member

In our sales recruitment process you’ll receive

A behavioural and sales suitability report

An analysis of where further sales coaching is needed

Support to make the best hiring decisions

Frequently asked questions

Display none

As much or as little as you like. Choosing the ‘Done For You’ option means your Magnifier is your Business Development Manager.

We can do everything from sales strategy, sales systems and CRM set up, sales outreach and follow up – right through to closing sales.

How will you find the right salesperson for my business?

We’ll start by understanding what your business needs to grow.

Then we’ll collaborate with our partners to help you find the right match.

How do I know they’re any good at selling?

Salespeople who are good at selling are also good at selling themselves.

That’s where sales aptitude and attitude testing come in, so you know how good they really are. It’s also where we come in.

What guarantees do you offer?

Our processes are designed to bring you the best salesperson for your business growth goals.

Your new hire will be mentored by Magnify for their first 12 weeks to ensure they fit right into your team.

How will you help my business to get the most out of our new sales hire?

We offer sales coaching and training to support your new sales hire and maximise their potential.

Recruit the right sales staff and build revenue faster