Are you ready to
grow sales this year?

Are your sales strategies and tactics ready and optimised to help your business grow sales this year?

When you’re working hard in your business, it can be hard to see what’s really happening.  Many business owners are under-resourced, often reacting to circumstances around them.  It’s good to pivot when opportunities present – when you know that this lines up with your wider sales strategy.

Would you like to know how happy you could be with sales?

You might be doing well – but are you doing as well as you could be doing?  If you’re doing all the sales, as well as running your business – you’re probably stretched too thin to give proper attention to your sales. 

Do you know where your sales opportunities lie for the next four quarters?
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Strengthen your sales focus and clarity

What results will you get out of the Sales Health Check?

  • Know where to focus to grow your sales
  • Clarity around your future direction
  • Sales and strategic confidence
  • Make sales decisions confidently
  • Clearly understand your current state of sales
  • Insight into what changes need to happen for your sales to grow
  • Gain valuable insights into opportunities for your business in the year ahead
  • Material to reference to keep aligned on your sales direction
  • Reduce time spent on unprofitable activities

How does the Sales Health Check work?


1. Complete the Online Health Check

2. Send through to Magnify

3. We analyse your answers

4. In-depth written report sent to you

5. Your 1 hour road map to sales success call

6. Your Sales Grow

an IN-DEPTH audit and more

What is the Sales Health Check?

The Sales Health Check is an in-depth, written audit of your sales health based on  190 questions, covering 10 keys to sales success in the following areas:


  1. Strategy and Planning
  2. Team and Training
  3. Market Intelligence
  4. Product/Market Fit
  5. Pricing


6. Lead Generation and Social Selling
7. Account Management
8. New Business Development


9. Sales Processes
10. Sales Systems, Tools and Analytics

AND there's still more!

The Sales Health Check also includes

A comprehensive review of your sales material and documents


Key findings and recommendations

Your own personalised report delivering sales analysis, information, strategy and support

Start your epic journey to sales success today

Growing sales is easier than you think

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